Ebola nurse William Pooley returns to Sierra Leone

William Pooley, the British nurse who contracted Ebola while volunteering in West Africa, has returned to Sierra Leone to resume his work.


He said there was a “real emergency” in the country and he was “delighted” to be back on the front line.

Mr Pooley will start work at a hospital in the Sierra Leonean capital, Freetown, on Monday.

He has previously spoken of the “horror and the misery” he witnessed in his first spell in the country.

While in the UK, the 29-year-old had said he was “impatient” to return to his work in Africa and would travel as soon as he had a new passport. His old one was incinerated when he was evacuated.

The nurse, from Eyke in Suffolk, was flown back to the UK by the RAF on 24 August and was taken to the UK’s special isolation unit at the Royal Free Hospital in London.

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